What Happens OnTour…

…stays on tour.

And it is probably just as well it does.

I saw a lot of sights in Malaga that the brochures had not detailed, drank enough alcohol to scare even the most hardened alcoholic, and laughed so hard at the requisite visit to the strippers on Saturday night, that my throat is still recovering four days later. Yeah, those girls sure know how to use a belt.

People are strange. A guy stopped me outside a bar and said: “Charlie?”, which I thought was a little odd as I had never met him before, so I said: “No, Brian,” and walked on. He seemed surprised. But then the next guy he spoke to did speak to him, so I guess his name was Charlie. Small world, eh?

So yeah, a lot of new experiences… and I have never seen that done with a test tube before.

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