A Quick Rant…

I have been a tennis fan for many years, so it annoys me when people who aren’t interested in tennis – who don’t actually care about sport at all – jump on the Andy Murray wagon just because he is Scottish (or British, if you want to play that card). Then these same people get annoyed when I have a go at them for not knowing what they are talking about. And if I even have the audacity to suggest that Federer will probably take him down in four sets today, well, somehow I’m being anti-British and not supporting the home-grown talent. It’s strange. It couldn’t possibly be that I actually think Roger is the better player…

I have no beef with people who follow tennis and want Murray to win for reason beyond the fact that he was born in Dunblane – it’s the ones who couldn’t pick him out of a line-up that I take issue with. I just don’t understand them.

It’s the kind of blind patriotism that is more than likely a pre-cursor to what we will see when the Olympics roll into town in a couple of weeks – when people who haven’t watched sport since they were knee high to the proverbial will suddenly become far too interested in archery and synchronised swimming, just because Britain has some guy or girl competing for last place – but if this country of sixty million gets more than eighteen gold medals, I’ll sew my lips together.

So yeah, I’m sure Murray will put in a commendable effort at SW19, but… better luck next time.

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