Know When to Fold ‘Em…

I knew I was going to be in the casino on Friday night, but I had no intention of playing in a poker tournament, mostly because I didn’t fancy staying until the early hours of the morning… but having arrived there at 7.57pm with an 8pm start, I figured it was a good enough sign and bought in anyway. I’m easily swayed when it comes to poker, you see.

It was a rebuy tournament though, which I generally stay away from as I usually don’t play well under that format. I always think it creates a much looser game than the style I like to play. So, as expected, I lost my initial £10 quicker than I would have liked and grudgingly bought in for another… because I was just damn unlucky that time. That’s what I told myself anyway.

A few hours later I was in for a total of £35, and – despite having to leave the table for twenty minutes unexpectedly when there were only eleven players left – I came third and left the casino with £300. So sometimes, it seems, spontaneity takes home the spoils.

And you never know, maybe I can fall back on my poker skills if this writing stuff doesn’t work out.

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