Who Says Romance is Dead…?

Over the last few weeks I have written a couple of… well, I guess you would call them love stories, of sorts. It’s not a genre I dabble in very often, and to be honest, even these ones are not strictly speaking, romance. When I start writing, the boy never gets the girl, it seems.

The first one is called Stale Bread & the Stable Boy, and is a redraft of a 1000 word tale I wrote seven years ago. It’s a love story with a bit of a dark sting, and is now twice as long as it was then. It’s quite clever and detailed for the length ,and tells the tale from the perspective of both the man and the woman… And trust me, the title makes a lot more sense once you read the story.

And I just finished (today) a first draft of quite a personal tale called, The Love That Trips You. It’s what I would term a broken love story, with a kind of Tales of the Unexpected feel to it. It’s 1600 words, and reminds me a lot of another short story I wrote a few years ago – Between Hanson & Hendrix – as it has a very similar kind of speculative dance between the two characters. Ultimately, it’s a sad story of love found and love lost… with maybe some hope at the other end. Who knows? I guess, Blake – the protagonist in my tale – will just have to wait and see.

I guess maybe we both will.

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