Back to School…

Dark Prints Press has announced – via their blog – that my horror novella, Replay, is to be published in February 2013 as a standalone e-book. It will join the current line-up, alongside fellow Aussies, Martin Livings and Greg Chapman.

 It’s my biggest publication to date, and I’m very happy that it’s good, old-fashioned horror as well. No apologies. No punches pulled. No monsters as such but, you know, still scary stuff.

When I started this game many years ago I always thought – given the type of stuff I was reading – that I would be a horror writer, but it hasn’t really turned out that way. It’s probably for the best though – I’d hate to be pigeon-holed as such, and be thought of as a one-trick pony. Still, it’s nice to go back to ‘my roots’ and deliver something to the genre that I’m proud to have written.

I’m looking forward to seeing the cover that Dark Prints Press produces, and when I know… you’ll know.

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