A Brief Review…

2012Despite everything – and somewhat ironically – writing-wise, 2012 was a good year for me. I completed an overhaul of my Deep South drama novella, The Ballad of Martha Brody; I finished the revision of my horror novelette, Replay (which is to be published early this year by Dark Prints Press); and in the dying moments of the year I even managed to close the door on the redraft of Bleeding Outside the Lines – possibly my most ambitious short horror story to date.

And that novel is edging ever closer to the finish line too… So yeah, all things considered, not too bad. Fingers crossed for 2013.

Happy New Year, folks! I hope all your dreams come true – even the silly ones that only you believe – and those resolutions to stop smoking, lose weight, get fitter, and be nicer, go unbroken.

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