The Last Supper…

supperEveryone knows a Judas – there’s one in every family or group of friends. Emotional assassins. They come into your world with a smile, but eventually siphon away your life with the sharpest blade they can find. And you won’t see it coming either. You probably won’t even recognise this person until it’s too late, but they’d gladly sell you out for thirty pieces of silver or watch you hanging from a cross. They’d hammer the nails in themselves. And it’s usually someone close; someone you’ve broken bread with many times. Shared secrets. You’ve offered help and they’ve taken it. And you don’t expect anything in return, except… well, except that friendship you always thought you had anyway.

So, take a close look at those you around you. Trust me, one of them is plotting your demise right now.

5 thoughts on “The Last Supper…

  1. Bob Jacobs

    Thanks Brian. Big family gathering this weekend for a wedding. I’ll be watching closely. Now that you’ve made me paranoid, anyone who looks at me funny better watch their back 😉

  2. godtisx

    The sad part is, I know who the Judas is. Absolutely. This person loves me and hates me all at once. It’s a friend, but b/c I am a highly analytical person, I am aware of her underhandedness.

    A strange road to navigate.

    Great post.


  3. Brian G Ross Post author

    Thanks Tanyeno, and I’m sorry about your friend, but knowing your frenemies is half the battle.

    Bob, how was the wedding? I’m sure nobody looked at you strangely – they’re all used to your face by now.


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