No, I Don’t Mean Those Guys in Lycra…


At work, we receive an emailed newsletter every week. Amongst other items it includes policy shifts, new starts, and charity drives, but the only part that I ever read is the ‘interview’, where one employee is asked a bunch of fairly pedestrian and innocuous questions under the guise of ‘getting to know them better’. This week, it was the turn of a girl from our Edinburgh office, and amongst the regular responses, was this:

Dislikes : Pandas, large crowds, repetitive and annoying sounds.


Who on earth dislikes those cute, sad-eyed creatures that are currently on the endangered species list because people have a penchant for cutting down trees in all the wrong places? Perhaps one mauled her when she was a child – I guess that would make sense.

But then, perhaps she isn’t referring to those fluffy WWF mascots after all. Maybe she’s talking about the car, you know, the Fiat Panda. The one that looks like a lunchbox.

Yeah, probably that. I dislike them too.

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