Misty, Water-Coloured Memories…

If your life does indeed, flash in front of your eyes before you die,  it probably doesn’t do so indiscriminately. I don’t believe it’s random: there must be a greater purpose to it all. All of those moments that make up your life – thousands upon thousands of mental snapshots – swarm in, jostling for attention. So which moments do you listen to?

Forty years – or however long you’re here for – crammed into a veritable finger-snap of sensory overload. And in that fraction of a second that you can’t even begin to comprehend… all the highs and lows that made you who you are. Who you were. Those moments you wish weren’t there, and the ones you wish would never end.

Sometimes they crowd you and you can’t stop them, no matter how hard you try.

Here’s one of mine…


He’s one of the happy ones.


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