Just When You Think You’re Out…

I have taken work away from the office lately, which is something I have traditionally not done. I have stayed up into the early hours – drafting reports, proofing agreements, studying. I know, right? It’s the first job I’ve ever had that I can realistically switch up and call a career without looking like an idiot.

Last week I was speaking to my boss about taxes – capital gains, specifically – and I got to thinking: how on earth did I get here? I am so far out of my comfort zone that I may as well be covered with honey, sitting in a bee farm.

I told him I didn’t really understand the nuances of it. He said: that’s because you’re words, not numbers, and about that he was right.

I smiled. The Wife used to say that to me a lot too.

I didn’t hear what my boss said after that.

1 thought on “Just When You Think You’re Out…

  1. Andy

    being outside the comfort zone constently is teh only way to learn and progress quickly. Keep going chief, onwards and upwards…..


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