We’re Ba-ack…


Yeah, I know… it’s been a while.

The last few years, on a personal level, have not been great. 2015 began much as 2014 ended – badly – and now that we’re in the tenth month of the year, the landscape has not changed much at all.

Spring held promise, and for a while I genuinely believed I was beginning to look over my shoulder, see the bigger picture, come out the other side, etc. To be perfectly honest, for a few months the world did look a little brighter, but you know, sometimes your eyes can deceive you.

I used to deal with these things through my words and my writing, but I seem to have run out of juice in that department lately. For want of a more appropriate analogy, the cure has, well… kind of become the cancer. To put that in some kind of context, this post is the most I have written in months. Months. For me that is both sad and embarrassing, and I hope to get that part of my life back on track very soon.

So yeah, watch this space…

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