Kicking Me When I’m Down…

Rub it in

So it’s my birthday today. Happy birthday and all that. I got another rejection today, which is no great surprise when you’ve had about… 1300 of them. Wow that’s depressing. This one however, raised a smile.

Being an Australian who lives in Scotland I’m very familiar with the following conversation opening –

Stranger: So are you from here?

Me: No, I was born in Sydney.

Stranger: Oh. And you moved here?

Me: Yes.

Stranger: Why?

…but this is the first time I’ve been trolled via an editor’s rejection notice.

Hi Brian

Many thanks for your submission but I’m afraid it has to be a no from me this time however please do send in more of your work at a later date.


PS you swapped Australia for Scotland?

Well played editing team. Well played.

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