Grumpy Old Man (Items 46 – 50)…

It’s time for a few more of these…

  • People who are constantly checking their phone when they are out with you, as if your company and conversation isn’t enough for them. This is especially annoying if said person is particularly lazy at responding to the text messages you send.
  • People who spoil the end of a movie or television series for no reason other than to be a dick.
  • Those out there with the conceited belief that the book is always better than the movie. I love books, but even I know that sometimes a good movie is made from a shit book.
  • The idea that if I enter a shop wearing jeans and a shirt that I bought from the local supermarket, that I can’t possibly afford what you are selling. Don’t judge a man’s wallet by the cut of his clothes – that person may just surprise you.
  • Motorbikes. Stop nipping in and out of the traffic. If you’re behind me, stay behind me. Don’t ride alongside me because you can, or next time I just may open my door as you try to slip by.

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