These Are a Few of My Favourite Things…

…well, not exactly.

Beginning tomorrow I’ll be starting a series of recommendations, four times a week, if for no other reason than it forces me to stick to a schedule with my blog, because I’ve been notoriously erratic with my updates lately. There will be a song each Sunday, a movie every Monday, a television show on Tuesday, and I’ll even throw in some fiction for Friday. What can I say? I’m a fan of alliteration.

stuff i like_thumb[2]

As I indicated, these are not necessarily my favourites, in fact I will be doing my best to steer clear of the obvious ones. There’s no fun in that. I want to focus on those examples that – for whatever reason – I have connected with over the years, so some of them may be obscure and will not resonate with others, but such is the beauty of art.

The world would be a boring place if we all liked ham and pineapple pizza, right?

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