Sunday Song Suggestions #1…

One Summer – Daryl Braithwaite – 1989

I’m starting this series off with something a little more… parochial.

This single came out in 1989, when I was just about to hit my teens in Sydney, so even before the first note kicks in, it’s steeped in nostalgia for me. Having said that, Daryl Braithwaite wasn’t quite the Australian national treasure that some of his peers were, and I was never a great fan of his work, but this shameless pop track – which never pretends to be anything other than just that – always raises a smile and reminds me of barbecues and beaches and all that good stuff.

I would doubt that the song reached many ears beyond the shores of Australia – and perhaps the feel of it doesn’t translate – but give it a click and have a listen anyway. It’s three minutes and twenty-five seconds of pure eighties pop. If you’re feeling down, One Summer may just cheer you up.

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