Monday Movie Mentions #1…

The Warriors (1979)


The Warriors came out in 1979. It was one of my dad’s personal favourites, but he would never let me see it when I was a child. It was too violent, he said. Not for kids. This, of course, only added to its mystique.


Would you want to be chased through a park at night by one of The Baseball Furies? No, me neither.

Years later when I was finally able to watch it I realised it was not quite the bloody extravaganza my dad had led me to believe. In fact, by modern standards it’s really very tame. But he was right about one thing – it’s a great movie.

Ostensibly, an action film about gang culture in New York, The Warriors – which rocks a brilliantly evocative seventies soundtrack – is nowhere near as dark as its reputation would have you believe, although it certainly has its brutal moments. The plot structure has a lot in common with video games, and follows the group of misfits as they travel from one borough to the next, battling gangs of varying abilities along the way, in the hope of trying to clear their tainted name.

Swan: You recognize them?
Fox: Orphans. So far down they’re not even on the map. Real low class.
Swan: Numbers?
Fox: Full strength: maybe thirty?
Vermin: Thirty. A lot more than eight.
Ajax: Not if they’re wimps!… and I’m sick of this running crap.

The Warriors is endlessly quotable, infinitely watchable, and has rightfully gained a cult following since its release. Definitely one to check out if you haven’t done so.

Can you dig it?

3 thoughts on “Monday Movie Mentions #1…

  1. Paul S

    You’re right; The Warriors is a great film and so endlessly quotable.
    “I’ll shove that bat up your ass and turn you into a popsicle!”

  2. Brian G Ross Post author

    Thanks Paul. That’s one of the standout quotes, for sure. I really hope Hollywood doesn’t go through with remaking this as they have no chance of recapturing the mood that made the movie what it is.


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