Sunday Song Suggestions #2…

ToxicitySystem of a Down – 2001

I started my first serious relationship at the tail end of 2002, and the girl I was with enjoyed hard rock music. I did too, but my melodic tastes were a little more retro than her modern preferences. System of a Down was her favourite band, and it’s fair to say my knowledge of them at the time was limited at best.

Toxicity comes from the 2001 album of the same name, and is probably the song I think of when my mind wanders to that period of time. My ex-girlfriend’s younger brother used to play guitar and I would often find him perfecting the intro to this one in his bedroom.

Halfway through 2003 and the relationship was no more, but she left me with a soft spot for this particular track. It’s also untrue that I look like lead singer Serj Tankian, so no comments about that please.

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