Sunday Song Suggestions #3…

Black Hole SunSoundgarden – 1994

Grunge was a very big deal in the early to mid-nineties, but it wasn’t for me, and I didn’t shed a tear when Kurt Cobain took himself out in 1994. Having said that, Soundgarden was one of the biggest proponents of the genre, and I got along with their music. This song was making waves around that time and I’ve always liked it.

Black Hole Sun would have been a fine tune without the apocalyptic video to go along with it, but the freaky and surreal visuals elevate it to something that even a jaded rocker like me can appreciate. Sure, the words may be complete nonsense, but this song is about feel rather than lyrical depth, and the haunting melody is something that has stayed with me since this song came out.

After the unfortunate death of lead singer Chris Cornell a couple of weeks ago, it seems like a fitting time to bring it up, and to celebrate (probably) my favourite grunge track.

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