Sunday Song Suggestions #5…

I Remember You – Skid Row – 1990

Skid Row had a few hits in the late eighties and early nineties, but unfortunately for them, they were around at the same time as mainstream rock juggernauts Bon Jovi and Guns N Roses, so that was never going to be good for their longevity or success. Now they are little more than a footnote in the history books.

Having said that, I Remember You, which is taken from their self-titled 1989 debut album, and is quite possibly their most widely known song, is unequivocally one of the best power ballads of the year. It didn’t crack the top 5 in the US, barely made it into the top 40 in the UK, and topped out at number 12 in Australia, which is where I learned to love this song as a teenager… back when the charts meant something.

Yes, as you would expect, the song is all big hair and sweeping guitar solos, but give it a chance if that’s not your thing – lead singer Sebastian Bach’s soaring vocals are up there with the very best in the hard rock genre.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Song Suggestions #5…

  1. Ruth

    I loved this one too. Takes me back to school days when a Sebastian Bach poster covered my physics jotter!

    1. Brian G Ross Post author

      I didn’t know you were a Bach fan, Ruth… you sure you aren’t talking about that other guy – you know, the German composer from the 1700s? I can see you having a poster of him on your schoolbooks!


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