Medical Degree Inbound…

I bought this. Now, you can see quite clearly on the front of the box, what it does. To a layman (as most of us are) this is all you require, a handful of easy to understand words. Nothing more is really needed.

And yes, I’m glad it doesn’t affect my make-up.


Inside, on the information sheet it says this:

EYE SPRAY – Please read carefully before using this product.

All right, fine. Cool. I’ll do that. This is what it says:

Eye spray assists in cases of dry eye sensation and helps to lubricate and moisture the eyelids. It relieves the discomfort of dryness, foreign bodies, burning and itching on the eyelid.

Hyaluronic acid, in the form of sodium hyaluronate, is a biological polysaccharide with the same molecular structure of the intraocular fluids and because of the viscoelasticity and hygroscopic capability, can significantly improve the tear film stability. The application of sodium hyaluronate at ocular level enhances hydration and reduces the risk of the sensation of dry eyes which is frequently associated with contact lens wear.

The tear film layer is formed by apolar lipids, polar lipids, small quantities of free fat acids, sterol esters, free sterols, and phospholipids. These form the interface between the acqueous layer of the tear film and the hydrophobic apolar lipids. The formulation specifically contains phospholipids and fat acids which tend to simulate the lipidic composition of the tear film.

The combined action of phospholipids and hyaluronic acid is therefore stabilizing and has the capacity to maintain and restore stability of the tear film, ensuring moistening of the exposed cornea-conjunctival surface and uniform disposition of the covering tear film.

The hyaluronic acid, as a mucus mimetic, has the capability to simulate some of the properties of the natural tear mucin to restore stability of the tear film.

The Matricaria chamomile extract is particularly advisable for the periocular application, where vitamin C, alfa-bisabolol, guiazulen, camazulen and farmesen, are required as anti-inflammatory, which are present in that extract.

Got that? Good.

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