Sunday Song Suggestions #16…

Trashy Women Confederate Railroad – 1993

We’re back to the stetsons and spurs for today’s song.

Trashy Women is taken from Confederate Railroad’s self-titled debut album, and like a lot of country music at that time, it’s very much tongue in cheek and every bit as politically incorrect as the title suggests. The title alone probably fingers it as the kind of song that would not get much positive mainstream success if it was to be released today.

But having said that, Trashy Women is a great example of what I love about this early nineties window of country-rock music, because the performers knew how to present a joke, and their fans knew to take it as such. The modern country scene has become so sterile that you just don’t see this kind of thing anymore, and the world at large has its head so far up its own ass it can’t seem to hear the laughter.

You only need to listen to the song with an open mind to realise that it’s as inoffensive as the title is inflammatory. And besides, it’s hard to go all social justice warrior on something that has as catchy a chorus as this.

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