Getting Back on the Horse…

My personal life is (finally) great, and after a long time in the wilderness, I have a job that I actually enjoy and that doesn’t expect my soul in return for my payslip every month. The only point of this triangle currently amiss is my writing.

This year started off with promise. I finished Slipwater – a novel I am extremely proud of – and it has been sitting with a number of agents since early February, but since that feeling of accomplishment I have not done much to maintain the momentum. A short story here, a revision or two there, but that’s about it.

Well that stops today.

I received another rejection letter this morning. I’ve been getting them for over half my life now. No big deal: that’s just part of the constant struggle for acceptance… and I don’t only mean acceptance of a particular story, but also the wider definition of every writer’s desire to have his or her words heard, and for them to mean something to someone.

But this rejection is one too many, so I need to pull my fingers out of my ass and put them on the keys again.

You know, obviously I’ll wash them first.

4 thoughts on “Getting Back on the Horse…

  1. David Veitch

    hope you get that break this year moss chops!!
    good to hear things going better otherwise too.

  2. The Girlfriend ©️

    Glad to have contributed in some way to at least one third of the triangle and I’m still confident the rest will follow 😚

  3. Brian G Ross Post author

    Veitch – good to hear from you again. I hope you’re doing well too. Things are moving in the right direction… maybe tennis is the next thing on the agenda.

    Steven – thanks for the kind words. I think unwavering stubbornness in the face of failure is a necessary quality for every writer!

    TG – it may only be a third, but it’s the third that for a long time seemed the most unattainable, so your contribution to my story cannot be undersold.


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