Booze, the Devil’s Juice…

Yesterday I was at a leaving night for The Girlfriend©, who is moving on to new employment pastures. Same job title: new environment… and, more importantly, a step up in all the areas that matter.

There was a meal, followed by a pub quiz, and in amongst all that, there was alcohol. Now, I’m not opposed to alcohol at all – I can certainly enjoy it from time to time – but I know my limits and I stick to them. I do abhor the way alcohol affects some people, and, by extension, how the behaviour of those people affects me and my enjoyment of the night.

I am very competitive when I’m playing games – whether that’s a pub quiz or sat at home on my PlayStation. It’s just how I am. Should I have been a little more forgiving of those around me who cared more about finding the bottom of their glass of red wine than about hearing the next question? Probably. But I think alcohol should be used as a method of relaxation – to put a cap on the end of a long week; or, as in this case, to celebrate a valued colleague who is taking her talents elsewhere.

Last night, some used it as an excuse to be an asshole.

A long-winded way to say I didn’t win? Well, yeah. That too.

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