Getting Back to My Senses…

Diesel has quite a strong smell, but yesterday was the first time I was able to pick up the odour for a long time. I was at the garage and spilled some on my hand, and was probably more elated to recognise the toxic stink of escaped fuel than any person really should be.

It was the first of several such memories I had yesterday. I noticed the coffee at work (and suddenly realised why most people think it’s shit); the Cajun tuna sandwich I had for lunch (yes, that’s a thing); and then the air freshener in my car on the way home.

My dinner tasted much better than expected as well. I know smell and taste are connected – and one is always better with the other – but I did not think there would be such a marked difference.

The doctor told me it’s a slow process, but hopefully this is only the beginning of my recovery. My steroid course takes me into May, and with a little luck I’ll be back to full capacity by then.

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