Still Just a Young Thing…

According to the notification I got from WordPress this morning, today is my seventh anniversary of using the service. I didn’t realise it had been so long. Before I started on here I ran a blog with Blogger for several years – a service which is still going today, but one that I felt I had outgrown. Looking back, I guess I don’t do anything here that I wasn’t doing over there, but the functionality of WordPress suits my needs a little better.

In seven years I have made 356 posts, which is an average of about one a week. I have had over 19,000 views, which is made up of 6,500 different visitors. And I have (at the time of writing this) 134 followers. Now, how many of those actually check this place out when I post something is unknown, but it’s nice to have an audience of any size.

The numbers are not a lot by any measure, except perhaps the measure of someone who hasn’t been paying too much attention to that kind of thing. The narcissist in me would like more traffic on these pages, but at the same time I understand that only happens if I post things that others are interested in reading. That part is on me.

Anyway, happy seventh birthday to me. Here’s to making this next year a great one.

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