I Can’t Weight…

The Girlfriend© and I have finally found a holiday destination for later this year. In September, as suggested in a previous post, we are heading for Croatia. It’s booked, so that gives me five months to lose some weight.

Impending holidays are often the motivation some people need to shed a few pounds, and I’m going to use the same (fairly) arbitrary tactic to lose a few of my own. Whatever makes it happen, eh?

They say that happiness can expand the waistline, so I guess with every pro there’s a con… but they also say that depression can do the same. Of course, this all makes it seem that the people who say these things are just covering their bases. Suffice to say, I’ll throw myself into the former camp, and blame The Girlfriend© for making me happy.

But seriously… I’m tired of my shirts being a little too tight, and I don’t enjoy not knowing if my jeans are going to fit me before I take them off the hanger. I’m tired of making excuses.

Most of us could stand to drop down a dress size or two, and this is my pledge to do just that.

So… five months, five stone? Probably not, but there’s no point aiming for the fence when you know you want to knock the ball clean out of the stadium.

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