What I’ve Done This Week #16…

With the upkeep of the garden required due to the approach of summer, and the impromptu booking of a second holiday this year (more of that in a future update), it’s been a busier week than most…

… but I’ve still written a lot these last few days. Granted, most of it was for the blog post about Knight Rider that I put up yesterday, but still. Words are words. That essay is probably the longest thing I’ve ever posted on my site, and it was certainly a lot of fun to research and report. It’s a topic that will not be of interest to most, but hopefully there is enjoyment to be had for all from its analysis.

On that note, I have put a lot of effort into my site this year, and it means that even when I don’t have a story in front of me, I will at least be writing something.

And I’ll take that as a victory.

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