Life (Next Week) Is a Rollercoaster…

We’re leaving for our little English vacation on Sunday morning, and I can’t wait.

I’m looking forward to the excitement of fresh adventures and experiencing new places, but most of all I’m just happy to have a week away from work to relax and – to use that very modern American word – decompress.

Of course, rollercoasters and relaxation seems like a juxtaposition, but there’s something liberating about straddling that line where fear becomes a very real part of your pleasure.

It’s difficult to explain the feeling to anyone who’s never ridden the rails before, but once you pull down that lap bar or snap the harness down over your shoulders… that’s it. For the next couple of minutes, your enjoyment is in someone else’s hands, and you know what? Letting yourself go – giving control to another person – feels good.

Maybe I’m a submissive after all.

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