Goin’ Home – Day Five…

Well every holiday has to come to an end, and this one did today. But we extended it as long as we could, and made a six hour journey last about twelve. So yes, I’m ready for my bed.

Along the way back we stopped at a few places I had never visited before – Kendal and Windermere in the Lake District, and Melrose, the small town in Scotland where The Girlfriend’s© daughter was born. It’s always interesting to see new locations, and it never ceases to surprise me how much of this country I have not yet seen.

We had intended to go to Liverpool on the way home, as it was pretty close to where our caravan was based in Tattenhall, but I figured we wouldn’t really do the city justice in the couple of hours we were able to afford it, so it has been put on the back burner for another time.

So 1100 miles later… we’re home, tucked up in our own bed, safe and sound.

And no matter how good your holiday may have been, and how much fun you have had, it’s always nice to be back in your own space.

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