This Isn’t Stephen King’s Night Shift…

Tonight I am working the night shift, for the first time in… well, a lot of years. I don’t pull all-nighters these days, but doing so brings back fond (and some not so fond) memories of being single in my twenties.

Working through the night is not for everyone. To be honest, it’s not for me either. But as adults, sometimes the choices we have are made for us by others.

The world is a lot less forgiving when the sun is sleeping, and all of that bad stuff feels much more likely when all you can see are shadows.

But there’s always a flip side to the coin, and it can be good for ideas. Inspiration often comes from the darkness, and the shapes that things make when the lights are out.

So… I’ll try to find some material while I’m here.

See you in the morning.

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