What I’ve Done This Week #33…

I have never really had a writing routine. It’s just not the kind of thing I have ever been able to pigeon-hole into a specific window. It’s a good idea, and certainly I’d like to be able to frame my writing in that manner – for consistency, if nothing else – but I have always taken a more adhoc approach to my words.

I think my early resolution for 2020 is to manufacture some time when I can actually sit down and do my stuff regularly, because at the moment I’m all over the place and nothing is really getting done. Definitely not as much as there should be.

When I do write, it’s often pretty good, but I’m just not happy with the volume of the output.

And that has to change.

3 thoughts on “What I’ve Done This Week #33…

  1. jenwrites

    I get into a routine of writing around 2000 words a day, but I find that after a few weeks I burn out and need to step back from the story in order to view it again with fresh eyes. I want to get into a routine in which I can stay engaged with the story without feeling too attached to my initial ideas. It’s a hard balance to find is I find it is often very dependent on the individual.

    1. Brian G Ross Post author

      2000 a day is pretty hardcore… but I don’t necessarily believe it is the amount of words you write that matter, but that the words you do write are good ones. Either way, keep finding more of them.

  2. jenwrites

    I agree, I just feel for me personally I need a target (especially when writing the first draft) just so I get the bare bones of the story out and then go back and put in the meat.


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