The Girlfriend Gets a Promotion…

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-13 at 07.06.16So after my friend was agreeable to a proposal last weekend I figured I would go ahead and ask the same question to The Girlfriend© and see what happened. As it turned out, she quite liked the idea as well, so on September 12th, twenty-one months to the day since we got together, she has now been fully upgraded to The Fiancée©.

I wanted to add a little fun into the proposal, so I wrote twelve (not too difficult) treasure hunt style rhyming clues that led all around the house and eventuallly back to me, where I was waiting for her so that I could pop the question. You know, the usual hiding places – in a book, zipped inside a sofa cushion, tucked inside a bag of frozen peas…

I can’t recall what I said twenty minutes later once all twelve clues had been deciphered, but after a speech which I decided not to write down beforehand for fear it would sound rehearsed, she gave me an answer to the only part of the moment that I can actually remember.

We have spoken quite openly in the last couple of months about getting engaged, and with our holiday to Croatia next weekend almost upon us I know she was convinced it was going to be happening on a sandy beach on the Dalmatian coast. However, I decided I had heard about that happening far too often and I didn’t want to be someone else who did it that way.

So now we can both relax in the Croatian sunshine, and enjoy the first steps of this new chapter together.

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