Croatia – The Old Town of Sibenik…

After yesterday’s postponement, we found the official bus to take us to Sibenik this morning.

We didn’t have a plan. The idea was just to make our way around the town and see where the streets took us, as long as we got to see something worthy of the journey.

Sibenik is home to four fortresses, and we made our way to two of them. St. Michael’s Fortress overlooks the mouth of the River Krka as it flows into the Adriatic Sea, and it offers one of the most stunning views I have ever seen. Of course, the weather was fantastic, so that helps, but truly it is a view worth the price of admission to the fortress alone.

We went from there to Barone Fortress, which is at the top of an extremely steep climb, and it took a little longer to get there than the ten minutes suggested by the ticket seller at St. Michael’s. But again, great views and a nice refreshment awaited once we arrived.

Our wanderings then took us to The Cathedral of St. James, which was an impressive piece of stonework, within shouting distance of the water, and a seemingly endless row of expensive and elaborate yachts.

The bus journey home was brief but eventful, because Croatian drivers never seem to have both hands on the wheel, or their full concentration on the road. They are either talking on the phone, texting, waving to someone they know, or a combination of all three.

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