Croatia – Krka…

It’s hard to describe just how beautiful a location Krka National Park is, because you will very soon run out of superlatives. This is one of dozens of photos that I took, and The Fiancée© took dozens more – each one seemingly more picturesque than the last.

We got on a boat this morning to cover the rather short distance to the waterfalls at Krka, but a fifteen minute trip on land took us about two hours on the water. All perfectly fine because the landscape to get there was stunning. I even got a little tipsy drinking the local grappa.

Visitors have the opportunity to swim in the fresh water at the base of the waterfall, and despite being warned that the water was not as warm as we may have expected, I wasn’t about to miss the chance to get wet in the shadow of such a natural marvel. Even The Fiancée© dipped in… and the temperature wasn’t all that bad either.

Walking through the park was a joy, because there was another stream or fall at every turn, each one a vital cog that contributes to the overall majesty of Krka.

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