Potted Film Review: Green Book (2018)

220px-Green_Book_(2018_poster)Starring: Viggo Mortensen, Mahershala Ali

Films about race relations in the United States of the sixties can be very hard to balance – they are either too steeped in history and are not entertaining as a result, or they try to tackle the issue in a manner they are ill-equipped to do – but Green Book sits somewhere in the middle. It is very easy to watch, and extremely simple to become invested in.

Mortensen channels his best Tony Soprano throughout as the blue-collar driver who just wants to get back home for Christmas, and Ali is charming as the refined musician who doesn’t really appreciate what life is like for ‘his kind of people’ in the states down south.

Green Book won the Oscar for Best Picture, and I certainly won’t argue with that.

Recommended ⇑

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