America Unchained – Review…

Dave Gorman is an underrated British talent. He’s a very funny guy, but he has never had the recognition that others in his line of work seem to get. I think it’s because he is not so much a jokesmith as he is a storyteller, and attention spans sometimes only extend to one-liners.

America Unchained is about Dave’s attempt (along with Stef, the girl holding the camera) to drive from the west coast of the United States to the east coast without giving any money to the large corporations – you know, the chains. It’s a task that doesn’t sound all that difficult, but when you start thinking about it you soon realise just how much of our world is run by big business.

Gorman buys a big and brash second-hand muscle car that guzzles copious amounts of petrol and (because it’s older than he is) is rapidly running out of miles on its clock. Can they make the trip successfully? Is it even possible these days? What is it like to sleep inside a dog? All these questions and more are answered…

Gorman infuses all his anecdotes with humour and heart, and although most of his stories are there to show the kind and generous side of Americans, there is no shortage of the crazy ones along the way either.

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