Workin’ For a Livin’…

I have worked for the last ten months, during the pandemic – and for that I am grateful – but yesterday was my last day. Tomorrow I begin a new job, one that is more in line with what I am looking for. The hours are better, and there are absolutely no weekend shifts… and for that I am even more grateful.

When all is said and done the money is probably going to work out to be less than I have been getting, but after weighing it all up I quickly came to the conclusion that it’s not always about the money. In fact, it’s rarely about the money. As long as everything is covered with a little left over, the rest is gravy.

What it’s really about is getting home at a reasonable time, and being able to spend my evenings with The Fiancée© – something that has been missing for quite some time. It’s also a blessing to have our weekends together so we can make plans to, well… do whatever we want!

It’s easy to lose some of the magic from a relationship when you’re not there to see the trick, so don’t let money lead you in the wrong direction.

Sage advice from me to you.

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