Wales – Day Two…

I have only ever spent one night in Wales, and I didn’t get to see much of what the country has to offer then, so I was happy to give it another chance this week.

We left our base in Chester without much of a plan – knowing only that we were heading for a few sights in Wales. Sometimes a little mystery can make for the most fun.

We drove through and stopped at a number of places that were difficult to spell and even harder to pronounce. A lot of what I saw was just a little depressing, and it is clear that Covid’s footprint still lingers. Many stores were boarded up; many lots were empty. It’s a shame because I’m sure these places were once vibrant and thriving. And like the day before, the early weather didn’t help.

We eventually landed on the west coast and spent some time exploring Caernarfon Castle, where I discovered that goats were actually a part of the Welsh military. No, seriously. They get medals and everything.

We stopped off for lunch in the town of Betws-y-coed – a place I will never remember how to say – before we decided to make our way back under black skies…

…but, it began to clear midway through the afternoon and we spent a pleasant few hours strolling along the promenade in Llandudno, driving along a narrow road to the highest point in town, and then finished our day with a lovely meal at a local eaterie.

A great end to a very interesting day.

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