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It’s Been a…

Yes. Yes it has.

Another one is drawing to a close, and 2018 has been without question, the best I have seen for a long time – which feels a little odd to admit, considering the vast majority of the writing I did this year was finished by the time the calendar flipped to March. Granted, that writing was the completion of my novel Slipwater, but I have still to find that agent and/or publisher who is willing to give me a chance – something that this time last year I was absolutely convinced would no longer be a concern.

But, writing aside, my personal life is in a much more profitable place than it was twelve months ago. I have a better job with better hours and prospects, and a lovely home to go back to when I’m finished… none of which would mean anything if I didn’t have anyone to share my newly acquired happiness with, and I think I’ve got that too.

I have found a girl who makes me very happy – much happier than I ever expected to be. She makes me laugh every day, and is there to give me a hug or hold my hand when I need that as well. And with her children, she has also provided me with the family that I was sure I would never be a part of, and for that I too am grateful.

As I move into 2019, I do so with a smile and the knowledge that no matter what life throws at me, it will always be easier to handle with The Girlfriend© by my side.


Every Penny Counts…

I understand and appreciate that life can be expensive, especially at this time of year, but when a store is promoting this discount…

… you know things are tough all over.

Back in Print…




Although a press photographer didn’t show up to document the hair dye process, as originally intended, I did manage to secure an article in that very same local newspaper – The Evening Express – about the event. It was in yesterday’s edition, which marked my first publication in quite some time… but that’s really another story for another time!

I had a telephone interview with a lovely journalist there called Donna, who fleshed out the details of the write-up with me. She was very easy to speak to, and made the whole process extremely simple. Hopefully the added publicity will be good for a few more donations. If not, and this is the end of the charity drive, I have still managed to grab over £1,000 in less than a month, and I’m happy with that number.

Over two weeks on, and the hair has settled in to a rather striking shade of baby pink, with both the peroxide and my natural colour showing beneath it in varying degrees of strength depending on which part of my head you’re looking at. I really don’t notice it anymore, and at least it covers up the growing number of grey straggles I have for a while.

I’ll find a quiet moment and talk to The Girlfriend©… maybe she’ll let me keep it.

Brian 2.0…

So, the transformation is complete and I am now sporting a rather fetching pink mop of hair.

I had contacted the local newspaper and was assured that a photographer would be down to document the event, however it appears that something more important than my little charity drive turned up.

Shit happens.

It’s a shame because I’m sure the extra publicity would have generated some more money, but the good news is that the total is currently just a fraction below £1000, thanks to a great effort last night at work, where the event took place.

And The Girlfriend© is happy because she gets to sleep with three different versions of me in the space of four days!

Stage One Complete…

With over £600 raised for Breast Cancer Care so far, I took to the makeshift salon in the kitchen last night and allowed The Girlfriend© to bleach my hair in preparation for going pink tomorrow.


Having done it before I was ready for it to sting and make my scalp itchy, but I had forgotten just how damn sexy I looked as a blond!

If you want to throw the charity some money, and you can afford to do so, please go here:

Doin’ it Alecia Moore Style…


In October 2011 I dyed my hair pink for charity, and seven years later, (after an off the cuff remark at work) I find myself about to do the same thing. Then, I raised £1100 so this time around the target is a little bit higher. You know, inflation and all that jazz.

So if you fancy throwing a few pounds or dollars or whichever currency you are using, my way, head on over here and click a few buttons. It is very much appreciated.


Just Like Starting Over…

A couple of days ago I received an email from a subscriber who was disappointed that I haven’t updated my page for a while. Well, she’s not the only one! I promise I’ll be back on this train soon.


My excuse (and it really is an excuse, rather than a reason) is that last month was all about me moving home – from my small one-bedroomed flat, to a much larger four-bedroomed house. The Girlfriend© and I had been looking around for somewhere to share for a number of months, and after seeing a few and putting offers in for a couple of them, we found this place. It came with a roof and four walls, but beyond that the onus is, well… on us, to provide everything else.

It’s taking a bit of time and effort, but it’s a fresh start for me at a time when a fresh start is exactly what I needed.

Finally, the light is very bright at the end of the corridor.