Croatia – Krka…

It’s hard to describe just how beautiful a location Krka National Park is, because you will very soon run out of superlatives. This is one of dozens of photos that I took, and The Fiancée© took dozens more – each one seemingly more picturesque than the last.

We got on a boat this morning to cover the rather short distance to the waterfalls at Krka, but a fifteen minute trip on land took us about two hours on the water. All perfectly fine because the landscape to get there was stunning. I even got a little tipsy drinking the local grappa.

Visitors have the opportunity to swim in the fresh water at the base of the waterfall, and despite being warned that the water was not as warm as we may have expected, I wasn’t about to miss the chance to get wet in the shadow of such a natural marvel. Even The Fiancée© dipped in… and the temperature wasn’t all that bad either.

Walking through the park was a joy, because there was another stream or fall at every turn, each one a vital cog that contributes to the overall majesty of Krka.


Croatia – The Old Town of Sibenik…

After yesterday’s postponement, we found the official bus to take us to Sibenik this morning.

We didn’t have a plan. The idea was just to make our way around the town and see where the streets took us, as long as we got to see something worthy of the journey.

Sibenik is home to four fortresses, and we made our way to two of them. St. Michael’s Fortress overlooks the mouth of the River Krka as it flows into the Adriatic Sea, and it offers one of the most stunning views I have ever seen. Of course, the weather was fantastic, so that helps, but truly it is a view worth the price of admission to the fortress alone.

We went from there to Barone Fortress, which is at the top of an extremely steep climb, and it took a little longer to get there than the ten minutes suggested by the ticket seller at St. Michael’s. But again, great views and a nice refreshment awaited once we arrived.

Our wanderings then took us to The Cathedral of St. James, which was an impressive piece of stonework, within shouting distance of the water, and a seemingly endless row of expensive and elaborate yachts.

The bus journey home was brief but eventful, because Croatian drivers never seem to have both hands on the wheel, or their full concentration on the road. They are either talking on the phone, texting, waving to someone they know, or a combination of all three.

Croatia – At the Waterpark…

The initial plan for today was to spend it in Sibenik – seeing the sights, and doing the regular tourist kinda things. However, after being directed to the bus stop (which wasn’t really a stop, as such: it was more just a place on the roadside for people to stand), and then catching sight of the driver, who was behind the wheel of a seven-seater mini-van with a crudely written notice on the windscreen saying ‘Sibenik’… I decided to give it a miss. Going with him would have felt a bit like paying someone to kidnap me.

So with that idea postponed, we decided to go to Aquapark Dalmatia – the waterpark that was baked into the resort. We got there just after it opened, and for about an hour we had the place to ourselves. We were like celebrities. No exaggeration. We were actually the only guests until we sat down for lunch, and a few people began to trickle in. But even at the peak of the day, there were never more than a dozen guests there.

There wasn’t much in the park – a few water slides, a few jacuzzis, and a lazy river, but to be honest it was perfectly fine for the relatively inexpensive entrance price. The Fiancée© stayed out of the water as much as she could, but then, I already established on our trip to Drayton Manor a couple of months ago that she doesn’t handle water very well.

Croatia – Getting There…

I have not been overseas for five or six years, so this little excursion to a section of the former Yugoslavia is a welcome break from the daily grind.

So, after a three hour drive to Edinburgh, a three hour flight, and a coach trip that was the guts of an hour and a half, we arrived at our apartment just outside Sibenik, on the Dalmatia coast.

We even got a cheeky upgrade because The Fiancée© told them we had just got engaged… and who doesn’t enjoy towel swans and rose petals on their bed?

Night Shift #4 – I Am the Doorway…

619i-4slsfl645695221..jpgWord count – 4,900

I Am the Doorway is the first science fiction tale in Night Shift, which is usually not a genre that does much for me, and for the first third of this story I wasn’t really into this one. But once I found out the central character has a collection of alien eyes staring at him from his fingers… I started to pay more attention. I mean, it’s a grabber, right?

Although I Am the Doorway is set in an undisclosed year in the future and it uses deep-space exploration as a background, it is all very high level stuff and never feels too distracting to the movement of the story. There are only two characters in play here and their interactions could just as easily be taking place across a dining room table.

The climax of the story is a winner too, so despite a slow beginning I am happy to recommend this as (so far) the most interesting and dynamic piece in Night Shift.

Recommended ⇑