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Words of Encouragement…

Acceptances are good an’ all, but this morning I received a heartfelt email from a young lady on the other side of the world, who had read my runner-up short story Contractions & Reactions over at Dream Quest One.
Readers are not obliged to contact authors – and most don’t. I know I have only done it a couple of times. It’s just too much like hard work, isn’t it? Still, the kind words are very much appreciated, and apart from the fame, the glory, the groupies, the diplomatic immunity, and the briefcases full of cash, that kind of positive reaction is why I do this.
There will be groupies, right?
Thanks for your thoughts, Susanne.

One More Push…

Contractions & Reactions – my ‘delivery room drama’ – has finally found a home over at Dream Quest One, where it took second prize in the Summer 2012 Writing Contest, for a cool $250.

I say finally because I have submitted it to magazines dozens of times and it has been shortlisted in two previous contests, so this acceptance has been a long time coming. Usually you get a feel if a piece is good, but it was getting to the point where I was beginning to doubt this one.

So, a few runner-up places this last year, but yet to bag the victory.