About Me

indexI was born in 1976, under the sunny skies of Sydney, Australia, and a whole bunch of years later, I wound up here, in Scotland.

I have been writing fiction for longer than I can remember. I don’t really know why, or where the urge came from. I just know that it is something I have to do. I never decided to write – and there have been several instances when it would have been easier not to – but it’s in the blood. I just follow my muse, wherever she takes me…

I can usually be found writing what I have termed ‘urban horror’ – where the monsters are real, and the shadows in the corner are not just a trick of the light – but I love to experiment with different genres, and have dabbled in most (with varying degrees of success).

My first publication was a piece of lightly-comic erotica in 2002 (which is still online if you dig deep enough), and my first professional sale was a mainstream piece in 2005. Since then I have had my work published in over one hundred venues; online, in print magazines, and in anthologies.