A Femme Fatale and a Gumshoe…

I’m happy to say that my short story, Hard Boiled, is featured in the newly released paperback anthology, Damnation and Dames, from Ticonderoga Publications. Sixteen stunning tales of paranormal noir… well, that is what it says on the cover anyway. I won’t argue.

At 6700 words, Hard Boiled is a particular favourite of mine, and the longest story I have had published to date. It is great to be sandwiched between speculative names like Robert Hood and Angela Slatter, and this is also my second Australian based anthology of the year, so there is cause for another smile.

You will be able to pick it up from Amazon very shortly, but if you’re desperate for a copy, try Barnes & Noble, or Indie Books Online.

Mention my name… although I’m not sure how that would help.

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