Sunday Song Suggestions #4…

Hard to Say – Sawyer Brown – 1993

In the early nineties there was a cable channel called CMT – Country Music Television – and if I wasn’t watching anything else, CMT would be on in the corner of the room.

Country music had moved on from when it used to be known as country ‘n’ western, and everyone wore stetsons and spurs. Sure, you still got that, but in the early nineties it was trying to align itself more with modern pop stylings.

Sawyer Brown was my favourite band in the revitalised genre, and they often had a very tongue-in-cheek approach to their songs. Their tenth studio offering, The Outskirts of Town, from 1993, is the only country album I have ever bought. Hard to Say is not their best track – it’s not even the best single released from this album – but it did play on high rotation at the time, and it reminds me of being a teenager.

…and you have to admit, Mark Miller is wearing a fantastic suit.

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