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Sunday Song Suggestions #17…

Come Get Some Rooster – 2004

Back in the early part of the new millennium there was a proliferation of British indie music taking over the UK charts, almost all of which left me cold. Rooster was the only band that could realistically be labelled as such that I got into, and certainly the only one whose music I bought.

Come Get Some was the lead single from Rooster’s self-titled debut album and with its simple yet effective guitar sound, and the throaty and classic vocals of lead singer Nick Atkinson, it should really have set them off on a long and prosperous career.

Unfortunately, like a lot of musical acts, the band was swallowed up by the industry and Rooster had been and gone before a lot of people had even heard about them. There was a second (and final) album the following year, but the band was never better than when they came right out of the gates.

But 2017 is, after all, the Chinese year of the rooster… so perhaps a reunion is in the offing.