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A Glimpse Into the Mind Of…

Dark Moon DigestIn conjunction with my short horror story, A Week in the Life Of…being published as a part of Issue 15 of Dark Moon Digest, I was asked by the editor to answer (briefly) a few questions as part of their promotion. There’s nothing too probing or personal in there – so don’t expect me to tell you where I’ve hidden the bodies – but it’s an interesting addition to the publication itself. You can read the interview here.

The magazine has been released, and is currently available directly from the website, or from Amazon.


Horror quarterly, Dark Moon Digest, have picked up my 2,300 word tale, A Week in the Life Of… for publication later this year – a story relayed as a series of diary entries, about one man’s descent into madness.

I originally drafted this story when I was nineteen, which makes it the oldest idea I have had accepted. Granted it has been through a couple of redrafts since that time – and is now somewhat better than its initial incarnation – but the tone and narrative style has remained relatively unchanged throughout. It’s certainly pleasing to know that I was writing semi-decent stuff when I was a teenager, but it does make me wonder about the quality of the pieces I’m producing today!