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Dinosaurs Rule!

I have written stories for longer than I can remember, but today, my first children’s publication – Toby the Triceratops – has gone live at knowonder! There are a few questions following the tale – posed by the editors, to get the children involved – and a space to leave a rating and a comment as well.

I was a dinosaur freak when I was a youngster, and Triceratops was my favourite one, so it’s only fitting that I lose my cherry with this piece.

Although, to an extent, formulaic, both rhythmically and morally driven, it’s not as simple as I thought it would be to knock out a worthy tale for kids, but it’s an avenue I would like to continue pursuing, given the right idea and the right market.

knowonder! is a cracking site, filled with lots of imaginative content. If you’re nine you may enjoy my piece, but I’m… quite a bit older than that, and I think it’s pretty good too.