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Sunday Song Suggestions #9…

Vision of Love – Mariah Carey – 1990

This song was so memorable that I remember when I first saw the music video for it, back in the first half of 1990, before it had even been released as a single. The world didn’t know who Mariah Carey was then, but with an introduction like this, I knew it wouldn’t be long.

I was no music industry expert, but even at thirteen my finger was close enough to the pulse to know that this girl was going to be a big star, and I said as much to anyone who would listen. My mum just thought I fancied her, but as partial as I am to young women with a proclivity for a good ol’ fashioned perm who know how to handle a microphone stand, it was about more than that.

Over the years, as Mariah’s career and subsequent style has progressed, my love for her output has dissipated. In fact, nothing she has released this century has moved me in any way. But from those soaring vocals on this her debut single, to the ease with which she reaches that upper register and just nails it, Vision of Love is gold, and Mariah’s voice (for the best part of a decade) was money.

As for her descent into disrepute in later years – I blame Tommy Mottola for that. But that’s a rant for another post on another day…

Sunday Song Suggestions #6…

Chains – Tina Arena – 1994

When I was younger I used to exercise more than I do these days. Actually, scratch that last bit: when I was younger, I used to exercise. Period. Anyway, for some reason, Chains – which I had bought on disc just before – is what I would put on for my daily sit-up session. Lying on my bedroom floor, feet hooked under the bed, there was eighteen year old me training for my own personal Rocky montage.

With a powerful voice and a heavy soul influence, Tina Arena didn’t fit the familiar Antipodean pop mould that was in vogue at the time. She had more in common with the then current crop of respected vocal gymnasts, such as Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, and Mariah Carey, but she only enjoyed a fraction of their successes.

Chains was released in 1994, and although Tina Arena had been popular in Australia while I had been living there, it had been about four years since I had heard anything from her, and this was her first release in the UK. Unfortunately, she slipped out of favour here rather quickly thereafter, and this is probably the only song most locals will associate with her.

It’s been a while, but I may just have to throw in a few sit-ups, for old times sake.