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Potted Film Review: In the Shadow of the Moon (2019)

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A surface-level synopsis of this movie may make you feel like this is ripping off The Terminator, but once you dig down you will find that this Netflix offering is a little more complex than that, and perhaps a tad more grounded as well.

Time travel in movies is an easy sell for me, but it can be a difficult concept to pull off successfully. Although it ties itself up in knots in the final quarter hour, and the reveal is a little hard to swallow, In the Shadow of the Moon earns its stripes by managing to sidestep many of the head-scratching problems a movie like this faces.

Recommended (but you will need to keep your brain switched on) ⇑

Tuesday TV Testimonials #30…

Six Feet Under (2001 – 2005)

six-feet-under-1Thirteen years ago tomorrow, I met my ex-wife for the first time, and it was on her recommendation that I started watching Six Feet Under. She was already a couple of seasons deep at that time, but it took me almost a full decade to get around to watching it… and I’m glad I did, because Six Feet Under is one of the best ongoing dramas produced this side of the Y2K bug.

A synopsis doesn’t really do Six Feet Under justice. It’s essentially an adult-themed drama about the lives of a family-run funeral parlour… with the dead bodies as background. Of course, death is not just literal here, but also used as a metaphorical device throughout the episodes. The series is not nearly as dark as you may think, given the grim subject matter, and it always maintains it’s very bleak sense of humour. The performances all round are great – especially Peter Krause and Michael C Hall – and the show is loaded with sex to counterbalance the death.

Six Feet Under can also lay claim to perhaps one of the greatest epilogues of any dramatic show of all time. Just watch it and try to tell me otherwise.