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What I’ve Done This Week #9…

I delved a little deeper this week into the dialogue of Talking in the Fourth. I’m looking forward to grabbing some time and getting through it because I already have a good springboard for the plot and how it ends, and about half of my projected word count committed. It’s (hopefully) a clever twist on a familiar set-up.

I’m also going to make a concerted effort to fire off a bunch of stories in the next few days. I’ve sat on a lot of good pieces for a long time, and I miss those days when I’d have upwards of fifty active submissions… where I genuinely did look forward to the response, even though nine times out of ten it was a rejection.


I have been keeping a record of my writing, (seriously) since 2004. I sent off pieces several times before then via land-based mail – in the dim and distant days before the internet made these things so much easier – which I have not tracked, but that aside, I have now made over one thousand submissionsShort stories, poems, novel extracts, a song, and a script!

Within that number are 105 acceptances, which, by my low-level arithmetical capabilities, is a success rate of just over ten percent. That may not sound like much, but if you’re targeting the right markets, you are, oddly, looking for a high rejection rate. If you’re hitting too often, it’s probably because you’re aiming too low, and – to be honest – I am as guilty of that as every other serious write out there.

So, here’s to the next thousand, and to many more rejections!